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Ronaldo in the Europa League? Ferdinand makes a prediction

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Ferdinand has predicted what his former Manchester United teammate Ronaldo will do if Juventus qualify for the Europa League.

Rio Ferdinand expects Cristiano Ronaldo to leave Juventus if the club fail to qualify for the Champions League next season.

A 3-0 hammering at the hands of AC Milan on Sunday has knocked Juventus out of the Serie A top-four. And with only three games left until the season ends, the Bianconeri are in trouble.

If they do qualify for the Europa League next season, Ferdinand can’t see Ronaldo sticking around in Turin.

“No, I think he goes,” said the Manchester United legend on his Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE YouTube channel.

“I think he says: ‘No, I’m not staying here. I’m a Champions League player.'”

He added: “Ronaldo can’t be going out to the Europa League music.”

Ferdinand himself made two appearances for United in the Europa League back in 2011/12 and played for Leeds and West Ham under its previous guise the UEFA Cup.

“You respect the tournament,” he continued. “Trust me, you do. As much as we joke and laugh about it, you respect it.

“When you’re a player, it’s another trophy. You can’t tell me that Wayne Rooney hasn’t got the Europa League trophy [and] the medal sitting alongside the Champions League and the countless Premier League trophies he’s got.

“And some careers are built off that. [Unai] Emery has done really well. Sevilla have been the best team in there in recent years and are respected.

“So it has value, but it ain’t the Champions League – that’s a fact.

“If that music [Europa League theme] came on, Ronaldo wouldn’t know what it is.

“That’s the difference.”

Reminded that Ronaldo made two appearances in the UEFA Cup at Sporting, Ferdinand jokingly replied: “He was like 13 at the time!”