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Jurgen Klinsmann gives his verdict on Ronaldo’s Juventus future

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The German World Cup winner gave his views on Cristiano Ronaldo’s future after Juventus’ latest setback in Serie A.

Jurgen Klinsmann believes Cristiano Ronaldo cannot decide his Juventus future based on whether the club finish in the Serie A top-four.

A 3-0 home defeat to AC Milan has knocked Juventus down to fifth place in Serie A. With only three games left before the season ends, Ronaldo faces the genuine risk of Europa League football in 2021/22.

The 36-year-old will, therefore, have a tough decision to make. He could leave Turin and continue his career at the highest level, or stay and try his luck in UEFA’s second-tier European club football competition.

But Klinsmann thinks Ronaldo also needs to consider the football and personal aspects of life at Juventus.

“I think a lot [of it] depends on his personal relationship with his teammates and how he feels about life in Torino,” the former Inter Milan and Sampdoria striker told ESPN.

“It’s also a family situation there.

“You can not always just make every decision dependable on whether it’s Europa League or Champions League, you know.

“Obviously, the financial situation is a completely different discussion to have for Juventus. Now that the Super League failed completely and all that stuff, there are so many other pieces floating around.

“But if you are Cristiano Ronaldo, you got to zoom in and say ‘ok, what is really important now to me in terms of the playing side?’”

Klinsmann added: “I personally hope he stays there, even if they would go into the Europa League, and continues his job there.”