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Ronaldo faces legal troubles with Lisbon’s City Council

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been notified by the City Council in Lisbon after building an illegal terrace in his new city penthouse.

It’s normal to feel like sometimes athletes can get away with anything. In the past few years, several footballers have at least bent the rules and suffered no real consequences. However, it seems like Cristiano Ronaldo gets no special treatment in Portugal. Although the player’s arguably the most famous Portuguese person in the world, he still has to follow the rules like anyone else.

Recently, Cristiano purchased the most expensive apartment in Portugal. Ronaldo’s newest luxury estate includes a private pool, a spa, a gym, and a movie theater, all in the center of Lisbon.

Nevertheless, it seems like that 7.2 million euros apartment still wasn’t enough for the Juventus star. Therefore, he decided to have a terrace built on the rooftop of the building. However, the football player didn’t check with the proper authorities and ended up being reported by his neighbors and the owner of the building.

According to several Portuguese news outlets, Cristiano Ronaldo now has two weeks to take down the illegal terrace that was built on his property. If the player does not comply with the authorities, he may face serious legal consequences.

Nevertheless, there’s still hope for Cristiano’s wishes. The Portugal captain also has 30 days to apply for a permit that will legalize his dream terrace. On the other hand, Ronaldo may have bigger things to worry about. The Portuguese forward and his Juve teammates have recently been put under isolation after Hamza Rafia tested positive for Covid-19.