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Ronaldo can remain at Juventus under one condition

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If Juventus wants to keep Cristiano Ronaldo, a recent report suggests this could only happen under a very specific condition this summer. 

Cristiano Ronaldo might not be happy at Juventus right now but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to continue playing at the club. In fact, journalist Tancredi Palmeri just revealed that the player’s agent confirmed he wants to continue playing for Juventus. However, there is a major obstacle that could prevent this from happening. The plan is to keep Ronaldo at least until 2023, but another player’s wages are the main reason this could go to waste.

Matthijs de Ligt is currently one of the club’s highest-paid players and he is not the defender Juventus expected him to be. There are other players in the same position who are playing far better than Matthijs plays right now. Palmeri confirms that the club wouldn’t mind selling the Dutch defender to the highest bidder if that means they can pay Ronaldo’s salary for a longer period of time.If this happens, get ready for several clubs interested in De Ligt. 

Barcelona could try to sign Matthijs.

If Ronald Koeman remains at FC Barcelona, there’s a good chance they might try to sign Matthijs de Ligt if he becomes available to purchase. The Dutch manager dreams of getting De Ligt back together with Frenkie de Jong as they were at AFC Ajax. However, we can’t determine where the youngster will end up after next summer. We can also not determine who will be FC Barcelona’s president next Sunday.

A lot of what Koeman is allowed to do will strictly depend on who becomes president over the weekend. If Juventus wants Ronaldo to remain at the club, they will have to make some economic space in order to pay him what he demands every season. There’s no doubt that Cristiano is one of the safest bets Juventus ever made. Even if some people think the exact opposite about his arrival.