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Ronaldo shatters another historic record for Juventus

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Today, Cristiano Ronaldo reached a new milestone as a Juventus player but his team can still bottle the season in spite of his brilliance. 

We’ve talked about Cristiano Ronaldo’s increasing frustrations at Juventus this season in recent weeks. The Bianconeri are struggling to find their ideal momentum in a season where we are all witness to a Serie A Renaissance. Both Inter Milan and AC Milan are leading the charge in Italian football this season. But contrary to previous years, Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the best part of Juventus’ season so far.

Today, he broke another record that confirms him as one of the all-time greats. No other player in history scored 20+ goals for 12 consecutive seasons in Europe’s Top 5 leagues. Cristiano just did that with his goal against Spezia but his charge for new individual trophies won’t end there. Considering how average Juventus’ season is at the moment, we can see the star trying to finish the season with at least one individual trophy. Let’s analyze what he needs to do in order to achieve this goal. 

The Capocannoniere is within reach. 

His 20th goal for Juventus in Serie A means he is now two goals ahead of Romelu Lukaku’s 18 goals in the competition. Should Cristiano continue this pace, he could very well end up at the top of the Serie A goal-scoring table above every other player in the competition. The Golden Show seems far from reach with Robert Lewandowski’s insane goal-count. However, Cris still hasn’t won the Serie A’s top individual trophy.

This can easily become his biggest motivation to remain in this form until the end of the season. We are not saying Juventus can’t win a single title by the end of this season but there are other clubs stronger at the moment. If Andrea Pirlo wants to end the tournament with all the honors, he needs a lot more than Cristiano’s goal-scoring pace. Regardless of how Juventus’ season ends, we all know who the main man is during this campaign.