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Ronaldo can reach another personal record against Cagliari

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Ahead of Juventus’ match against Cagliari, Cristiano Ronaldo has the unique opportunity to reach another impressive milestone. 

Even though Cristiano Ronaldo is not having the best week, he can still reach another milestone against Cagliari on Sunday. The days of world-dominance seem gone for the Portuguese forward but he can at least still break domestic or personal records. As he goes to Sardegna Arena Stadium for Sunday’s Serie A match, he also has a new record in his sights. Should he score a goal against Cagliari, he will become the fastest player to score a goal on every single Serie A stadium there is to play.

Only the one he will visit on Sunday has resisted to his impressive skill. Although he already scored five goals against this rival, all of them were at Allianz Stadium in Turin. Last season, he scored a hat-trick back in January 2020 and a brace in November. If he gets to this new milestone in his career, Ronaldo will confirm again that coming to Italy wasn’t a mistake. 

Ronaldo’s chances of staying in Juventus. 

All the rumors surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo’s future have been the most important news of the week in world football. We all wonder where he will end up next summer or if he will choose to stay in Italy. While that happens, all Cristiano can do is focus on the current season in order to avoid ending the campaign empty-handed.

He already made a public statement since getting eliminated in the Champions League for the first time earlier today. We are certain he is ready to take on this new record that presents itself for him to conquer. Blaming Cristiano for Juventus’ lack of good results can become a problem when you realize this is football we are talking about, not tennis.