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Rodgers describes why Vardy is irreplaceable at Leicester City

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In the most recent press conference, Brendan Rodgers described the reason Jamie Vardy is completely irreplaceable at Leicester City. 

Jamie Vardy is one of those players who are considered extremely faithful to their club as he remains at Leicester City. Even though other great players left the club after winning the Premier League, Jamie decided to stay. During this time, he has continued to score many goals that have kept him as one of the best English strikers in the world. Brendan Rodgers managed to return the Foxes to the higher positions in the Premier League.

But the coach knows without Vardy, he wouldn’t be able to keep the Foxes as competitive. Regardless of his importance, Rodgers recognizes Vardy’s role will begin to change at the club. Although he is still impossible to replace, he will start a new chapter in his career as a counselor to other strikers. Vardy doesn’t mind having this role in the club of his life. 

Rodgers confirms Leicester City’s transfer plans. 

In a recent press conference, Brendan Rodgers described why Cardy is irreplaceable. However, he also confirmed the Foxes need to start looking for a new striker who can compete with the veteran. As per Goal, this is what Rodgers had to say: “For me he is irreplaceable. You cannot find anyone there. It is so unique, his story, his qualities and what he has given to Leicester. For us, it’s more about the actual profile of what we want. I’ll always look to have speed at the top of the field, but are there other attributes that we would look for?

“But to try to replace him – it’s impossible. He is an incredible servant for the club, and still has a big contribution to makeover this season and the next couple of seasons. For the number of games we play, and the demands that is put on players…he is not going to be able to play to that rhythm and style every game. Our idea in the summer will be to strengthen the squad again.”