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Arsene Wenger recalls when Jamie Vardy rejected Arsenal

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After his performance against Liverpool, Jamie Vardy was revealed as another missed Arsenal target by none other than Arsene Wenger. 

Jamie Vardy is another missed Arsenal target that completely rejected Arsene Wenger back in the day. The French manager made attempts to sign pretty much all the great players in the world of football. You can think about the best names of the last 20 years and Wenger attempted to sign them all. Vardy is no different given his status as one of the best English players of the last decade.

But the Leicester City star is painfully faithful to the Foxes, he rejected the Gunners’ lucrative offer from Wenger himself. During that era, the North London club was nowhere near where they stood during the ‘Invincibles’ era. Vardy didn’t think playing for this squad was the best idea for the moment he lived then. For Wenger, Vardy is a player you can always trust to solve any problem due to his predisposition to score important goals. He responded again today against Liverpool. 

Wenger explains Vardy’s rejection. 

When Wenger approached Vardy, it was painfully clear that money wasn’t that important for the English striker: “He’s always in the game”, Wenger told beIN Sport. “He looks like he mentally doesn’t get out of the game and the great strikers are like that. They are convinced somewhere that they will score at some stage. That allows them, even when he misses a chance, he stays in the game.

“I offered him a lot of money at the time. They offered him a longer contract and approximately with the same money, if not more. We had more of the ball, yes. I think around the box the timing of his runs and he finds the space to go. When you see the big strikers, they are on the move when others standstill in the box and he has that. They read earlier than others, they anticipate better, they understand quicker than other people.”