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Rio Ferdinand reveals Sir Alex Ferguson’s most burning desire

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In a recent chat, Rio Ferdinand revealed the one player Sir Alex Ferguson wanted to sign for Manchester United more than anybody else. 

Sir Alex Ferguson had absolute power in the transfer market when he was in his prime as Rio Ferdinand just confirmed. There are many great players who never got to wear the red shirt for different reasons but there is one who stands above the rest. When he was still at Olympique Lyon, Karim Benzema was wanted by pretty much all the great clubs in Europe.

Florentino Perez convinced him to play for Real Madrid but Sir Alex Ferguson was close to signing him as well. Rio Ferdinand recently revealed this story and how the French club officials prevented the Scotsman from getting his way. During the 2007-08 season, Karim scored a wonderful goal against United at Old Trafford. That was the moment Sir Alex set his sights on the French striker and did everything to get his signature. 

Sir Alex wanted to sign him right there.

After that game against Lyon, Sir Alex seemed determined to sign Karim Benzema by any means he could. He was spotted talking to the player in the tunnels but OL officials had to intervene and take Karim away from Ferguson. After that, ‘Fergie’ signed Michael Owen and told him he was United’s Plan B in case Benzema didn’t work. Florentino got to Karim before Sir Alex could make any further moves on him.

The idea of playing for Real Madrid seduced Benzema far more than representing the Red Devils. Rio Ferdinand revealed the moment Sir Alex attempted to sign Benzema on BT Sport via The Daily Mail: “The first time I played against him, Sir Alex Ferguson wanted to sign him. He was speaking to him in the tunnel after the game and Lyon officials had to pull him away. His movement that day was brilliant.”