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Video: Avram Glazer refuses to apologize to United fans over ESL attempts

Avram Glazer
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In a video that has gone viral, Manchester United joint-chairman Avram Glazer blatantly ignored questions relating to the Super League.

Manchester United owner Avram Glazer has refused to apologize to fans for the club’s involvement in the failed breakaway European Super League.

Avram is a member of the American Glazer family who owns United. Their ownership has faced protests from fans since they bought a controlling stake in the club in 2005 but these have intensified in recent weeks since the ESL announcement.

However, the latest saga came after the American ignored a SkyNews reporter who asked him questions about the Super League.

“This an opportunity for you — an apology perhaps?” a reporter said to Glazer, who didn’t engage with her.

The reporter followed up with questions about whether the family would consider selling the club or if he wanted to say anything to fans but he didn’t respond.

Watch the video here below.

The response from Avram Glazer has further provoked the Manchester United fans, who believe that the Americans must be kicked out of the club at all costs.

However, United co-chairman Joel Glazer did release a statement on April 21 apologizing to fans and said the owners had failed to show respect to the “deep-rooted traditions” of the English game.