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Report: Unexpected update on Virgil van Dijk’s ACL injury

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In a new turn of events, we just found out some revealing information about Virgil van Dijk’s ACL injury and the full extent of the problem. 

We have some alarming news about Virgil van Dijk’s ACL injury that he suffered against Everton during last weekend’s Merseyside Derby. Initially, it was reported that Jordan Pickford’s challenge left Virgil with a problem that can prevent him from playing throughout the next 8 months. But journalist David Ornstein has some new information that suggests a different scenario, one that the Liverpool fans will not appreciate.

Not having Virgil van Dijk for the next eight months was already terrible news, but not having him for a longer time could be unbearable for the supporters. Perhaps Jürgen Klopp should start thinking about the Dutchman’s ideal replacement for the next full season. The winter transfer window should be very busy for the Reds as they could certainly go after a new center-half. 

Virgil’s injury is worse than expected. 

As told on the Tifo podcast, Ornstein revealed he has inside information about the extend of Virgil van Dijk’s injury. It appears the ACL was only a part of the damage the player took. This inevitably invites us to think that the recovery period will be much longer than initially expected. 

Ornstein said: “In terms of the injury itself, it’s just my information, it’s not official, that the damage to Virgil van Dijk’s right knee is perhaps worse than initially feared and extends beyond the ACL.

“I’m no medical expert, so it’s unfair to speculate further or give greater detail. It would indicate we won’t see Van Dijk back on a pitch until next season. He will undergo surgery, exactly when we don’t know.”