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Report: The UK plans to relocate the Champions League final

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After much consideration from the UK Government, they have put a plan in motion to relocate the UEFA Champions League final. 

As we discussed yesterday, the UK Government just got involved in the plans to relocate the UEFA Champions League final. The idea is to push UEFA to make it happen in English soil because both finalists belong to the Premier League. What started this plan is the decision that the Government made to place Turkey inside their red list. These are nations that can’t have any type of relationship with the UK due to the global pandemic.

Contrary to other places, Turkey still hasn’t placed its affairs in order with the crisis. Cases are still climbing up and travel is widely restricted in there for at least the rest of 2021. With the 8,000 supporters that were allowed to attend the final, the UK Government led by the Transport Secretary made this decision. Even though UEFA continues to push for the final to take place in Turkey, the UK is very adamant on this decision. 

Grant Shapps is open for England as a venue. 

During his latest briefing, Grant Shapps explained that the UK is open to proposing venues within the country for the Champions League final. He doesn’t consider UEFA should oppose to this because both clubs that made it to the final are from England. This is what Sky Sports picked up from Shapp’s press briefing: “I’m afraid we are having to put Turkey on the red list. This will have a number of ramifications. First of all, it does mean with regards to the Champions League, fans should not travel to Turkey.

“The FA are in discussions with UEFA on this. We are very open to hosting the final but it is ultimately a decision for UEFA. Of course the UK has already got a successful track record of football matches with spectators, so we are well placed to do it. We are very open to it but it is in the end a decision for UEFA to make, but given there are two English clubs in that final. We look forward to what they have to say.”