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Chelsea and City fans push for the UCL final in England

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Due to Covid-19 restrictions, several Chelsea and Man City supporters are pushing for the UCL final to be moved away from Istanbul. 

Now that we know the Champions League final will be between Chelsea and Manchester City, the fans are the ones who want the last word. Considering UEFA allowed 8,000 fans to travel to this match, this goes against Covid-19 protection protocols. From the early hours of the day, several English news outlets voiced the concern of supporters from both clubs.

Traveling to Istanbul right now simply doesn’t seem practical considering the situation around the world. Fan bases from both clubs appeared in several programs urging UEFA to reconsider moving the final to a stadium in England. Initially, Aston Villa proposed Villa Park as the venue for the match but it doesn’t fulfill the standards requested for the competition. However, the idea is already under consideration and a new process just started. There are many reasons for this to actually happen and some others for it to remain as it is. 

The press is against a change of venue. 

If this Champions League final is moved to England, this means that all media outlets would have to cancel their flights to Istanbul. UEFA so far is not entertained by the idea but several groups of supporters from each club keep pushing for it. It seems we are about to enter a negotiation stage in which the fans will clash against the media and UEFA.

Although other stadiums in the country still haven’t been proposed, there is always the possibility of using Wembley. As far as the requisite to host an event of this magnitude, the London famous stadium is perfect for the final. This petition is only getting started and there is a good chance that the fans will get away with this. At the end of the day, they are the customers and the customer is always right. Right?