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Report: Jadon Sancho makes a number plea at Man United

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According to a report from The Athletic, Jadon Sancho has made a jersey number plea upon arrival as a Manchester United player. 

We just reported that Jadon Sancho will become a new Manchester United player before the end of the current European Championship. The Red Devils and Borussia Dortmund probably decided to move forward with the deal considering Sancho is hardly even playing. Certainly, making the announcement wouldn’t distract him from the tournament that much. Now that we know this is definitely happening, it’s time to talk about the jersey number he is going to wear.

As we all know, the mythical number ‘7’ at Man United has been worn by some of the club’s biggest legends. Names such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona, George Best, and Devid Beckham have brought honor to this number. After the Portuguese star left, only Edinson Cavani wore it with good results. Other players who had this honor weren’t able to do it justice. But Sancho thinks he can definitely make a difference. He’s worn this number as a professional since he arrived at Borussia Dortmund. 

Will Cavani agree to give up his number? 

This is where the story gets interesting because Edinson Cavani is a legend himself with a brilliant career that spans through two decades. Approaching him to make a request like this for a player who is only getting his career started might not be smart. Even though we believe Cavani might agree to the number swap, there is no guarantee he will agree to do it.

Regardless of his wishes, The Athletic is reporting that Manchester United’s board agreed to fulfill the young star’s request. Keep in mind that out of all the great players on the market this summer, Sancho was easily ranked amongst the Top 5 most coveted players in the world. He chose Manchester United as his next destination and the club is grateful for it. We will definitely keep you posted on this entire jersey number saga and United’s official announcement of Sancho’s imminent arrival.