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Report: Edinson Cavani could return to South America

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In an unexpected turn of events, Edinson Cavani appears to have decided to leave England and return to South America to a new club. 

Edinson Cavani wanted to continue his European dream for a little longer before going back to South America. But he may have picked the wrong place when he went to Manchester United after leaving PSG. England has always been a complicated place for South American players to thrive. They have to be completely squeaky clean in everything they do off the pitch. If they don’t, they tend to always get scrutinized for the smallest mistakes.

When Luis Suarez suffered that incident against Patrice Evra, they often fail to say the French full-back was racist towards the Uruguay international first. In Cavani’s case, he used a term of endearment that is considered racist in England. This situation got completely out of proportion and it appears to have pushed Cavani to the edge. Ole reported yesterday that Cavani is very close to going to Boca Juniors. Today, more incendiary information came to light from his father. 

Cavani’s father adds more insult to injury. 

In an explosive interview with TyC Sports from Argentina, Edinson Cavani’s father dropped more bombs: “My son is not happy in England and wants to return nearer his family. He wants to play in South America. I want Edinson to play for a team which fights for important trophies. He has had many conversations with [Boca vice-president Juan Roman] Riquelme and would like to play for Boca. At the halfway point of the year, he’d like to return to South America.

“My son’s idea is not to continue there [in Manchester]. He wants to return. I think he’s going to come back in June this year. He has a clause in his contract which allows him to leave in June. There are things which sometimes annoy us as humans, as people, the whole ban issue annoyed him. That has been playing on him, sometimes players can’t find form either, these things can weigh heavy on you. Sometimes mentally you can get dragged down.”