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Report: Benzema will wear a different jersey with France

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Ahead of an imminent call with France, we got some information about the new jersey number he might wear for the Euros 2021

Karim Benzema’s possible return for France has been announced by almost all media outlets in his country. Allegedly, Didier Deschamps had a long conversation with the player and they settled their differences. There was a long-lasting confrontation between the two that originated from a sex tape scandal in which Karim was involved. But throughout these years, we saw him becoming one of the best strikers in the world.

Even today, he is the one player who has the most Champions League goals apart from Messi and Ronaldo. Not any player can get to where he is at the moment. It was only a matter of time before pressure started taking a toll on Deschamps and he finally gave in. After Zinedine Zidane’s public statements, perhaps the France manager made the decision to change his tune with the striker. Even now, we have a slight idea of more details about his return. 

Benzema won’t wear Mbappe’s number. 

As of right now, all the starring numbers are currently taken in France. We all know Kylian Mbappe took control of the number ‘10’ jersey and he won’t relinquish it. Antoine Griezmann has secured the number ‘7’ and Olivier Giroud has the number ‘9’. According to reports coming from France, Deschamps even decided to grant Karim a new jersey number. It is said that Benzema is set to wear the number ‘19’ jersey.

This isn’t unusual for returning veterans in national team. However, this will seem a little strange if we consider Karim is still one of the Top 3 strikers in the world. Especially this season, he’s been well above the level of performance we usually know from him. Deschamps finally understood that Benzema should be part of the squad that has the best French players in the world.