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Report: Bayern Munich starlet set to snub England for Germany

Musiala at Bayern
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In a spectacular week for him, one of Bayern Munich’s starlets is set to snub England for Germany at the tender age of 17. 

We bet you had no idea that Bayern Munich’s Jamal Musiala is eligible to play for the England National Team despite being born in Germany. The youngster from Stuttgart was actually schooled in London growing up and came through Chelsea’s youth academy. After realizing he wasn’t that important for the Blues, he decided to move on to Germany. Bayern Munich quickly saw this prospect as a great bet for the future and the results of this trust are evident this season.

Just today, he became the youngest-ever English Champions League goal-scorer at 17 years old. But having the England nationality might not be as important for Musiala because he is also German. Having historic players like Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich, or Thomas Muller guiding him is a major factor that convinced him to make a decision. After much consideration, a report from The Mirror suggests Musiala decided to play for Germany. 

Musiala has multiple nationalities. 

Apart from England and Germany, Jamal Musiala could’ve also played for the Nigeria National Team due to his father’s heritage. However, the youngster understands he has many more chances to win trophies if he plays with the Germans. Gareth Southgate doesn’t have many options to convince him due to the current restrictions that don’t allow him to travel to England.

Even though he might have Jude Bellingham or Jadon Sancho there to convince him, it appears Musiala and his family already made a choice. Despite having a plethora of young talents to choose from, this is a huge blow for England due to Musiala’s untapped potential. Today’s goal proves he could become one of the most talented English players in recent history. Although he already played for the youth England National Team several times, Musiala already made up his mind.