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Report: A Premier League club is after Philippe Coutinho

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According to reports from England and Spain, Philippe Coutinho reached an agreement with one of the Premier League’s top clubs. 

It appears Philippe Coutinho might be Premier League bound by the end of the current season, at least that’s the latest on his situation. Reports from sources in both England and Spain suggest he finally got to make a deal to continue his career. The only time he played in England, the Brazilian midfielder played for Liverpool. As it turns out, he might’ve reached an agreement to return to Merseyside but as an Everton player.

All Reds’ supporters will hate watching him wearing blue if the reports turn out to be correct. Initially, The Sun reported that the player sealed a deal with Carlo Ancelotti’s squad. After that, Sport confirmed the information and they even offered the amount of money the Toffees will pay for Coutinho when the time comes to pay for his contract. FC Barcelona fans won’t like getting the full information about the finalized deal between the two clubs.

How much will Coutinho cost? 

We can’t forget that FC Barcelona a hefty €120 million for his transfer back in 2017, which was the time Neymar also left the club. The Blaugrana were extremely eager to find an ideal replacement and they hurried to get Phil from Liverpool. As a result, this rush turned out to be a massive mistake with his arrival. So far, Coutinho hasn’t lived up to the expectations and leaving to play for Everton could mean giant losses for the club.

According to Sport, Coutinho will only cost €40 million to Carlo Ancelotti’s squad. This is an €80 million loss compared to what he initially cost Barcelona. However, this could also mean losing even less money than they would if he remained at the club for longer. It’s safe to say that Coutinho will be one of the biggest flops in FC Barcelona’s history after he leaves.