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The latest about Leo Messi’s future at FC Barcelona

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We have the latest on Leo Messi’s future at his club and all FC Barcelona fans will see it as great news. Here’s what we know. 

Leo Messi had been struggling to make a decision about his future throughout the season but we finally have some news for Barcelona fans. According to TV3, Joan Laporta and Jorge Messi (Leo’s dad) just had their first meeting. They both expressed their intentions and we know that the star’s wishes are to remain at the club. However, there are a number of conditions that need to happen in order to convince him. Journalist Xavi Torres revealed that the president and Leo’s father met for dinner last week in order to begin negotiations.

In the meeting it was revealed that Messi’s intentions are to sign a new contract with the club for at least two more years playing for them, plus an ambassador job after he leaves to play for the MLS. Messi’s idea is to possibly play for Inter Miami because he wants to know what it’s like living in the United States. If Laporta offers him three years instead of two, Messi wouldn’t have a problem with that either but he has to feel competitive. 

Messi wants to stay close to FC Barcelona. 

After his retirement from the highest level of football, Messi wants to go to the MLS but remains tied to FC Barcelona in some capacity. His father explained that Leo wants to eventually return as a board member at the club and make a career in that area. There is still no further plan for this negotiation but staying could mean that other major players will feel attracted to sign.

Erling Haaland or other major stars want to play alongside Leo Messi. Even though other offers are on the table for him, the top priority right now is to reach an agreement with the club of his life. In these meetings, no discussions about wages were held because Laporta is closing a sponsorship deal. If this happens, Barcelona won’t just have money to renew Messi but income to buy another superstar.