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Real Madrid welcome back a star who was injured for months

Carlo Ancelotti - Real Madrid
Source: Official Real Madrid Twitter

After a long time out of activity due to back issues, one of Real Madrid’s most important players is finally back in a call-up list this week. 

After a long 141 days out of activity, Real Madrid can finally welcome back one of their most important midfield players. We are talking about Toni Kroos, who suffered lower back issues that prevented him from playing for months. After a long recovery process, he finally returns to a new call-up list with perfect timing. Real Madrid’s upcoming match against Sheriff is taking place on Tuesday with Kroos as the most surprising news. The German midfielder played his last football match at the end of June for his national team.

After that, he was instructed to take a breather in order to recover from these issues. However, we had no idea how difficult life had been for Kroos during the previous six months before stepping aside. As it turns out, the German player was performing with excruciating pain during that time but he wanted to continue helping the squad. Finally after a long time withstanding this pain, he had to rest and let his body heal. 

Toni describes what playing with the pain was like. 

Toni Kroos obviously wanted to play the UEFA Champions League last season, which took Real Madrid all the way to the semifinals. Before getting on today’s call-up list, Toni spoke with Goal to confirm he feels completely recovered from the back pain. He hoped Carlo would give him a call and his name finally appeared after nearly five months out: “My last game was on June 29, at the European Championship, I have played six months with pain.

“Tomorrow I will speak with Ancelotti and, if he considers it risky and prefers to wait, I will listen to him and we will analyze it. I knew that if I continued playing hurt I would get to the point of not being able to play anymore, but it was very difficult to stop because we had the quarter-finals and the semi-finals of the Champions League.”