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Ancelotti talks about his Champions League aspirations

Carlo Ancelotti - Everton
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Ahead of Real Madrid’s Champions League match against Sheriff, the Italian manager spoke about the aspirations he has this season. 

Even though he doesn’t have the same squad Zidane did, Carlo Ancelotti still trusts his players to deliver in the Champions League. We are talking about the most successful club in the tournament’s history despite not having Cristiano Ronaldo anymore. Carlo is well aware of the difficulties they will go through this season but he trusts his players. In fact, Ancelotti even dared say there aren’t many midfields better than the one he has right now. He might be on to something when he said this.

Having top players like Modric, Kroos, Casemiro, Valverde or Camavinga is impressive for any manager. Ahead of a new Champions League season that already started with a victory vs Inter Milan. Ancelotti is getting ready to fight for the fourth title of his career as a manager. He won it twice with AC Milan and helped Los Blancos win La Decima back in 2014. Bur Carlo doesn’t want to compare himself to anybody, not even when he gets compared with Zinedine Zidane. 

Carlo hopes he can emulate Zidane’s achievements. 

As per Real Madrid’s website, this is what Ancelotti said: “It’s a Champions League game. We have to prepare properly for every Champions League game. We’re really looking forward to returning to the Bernabéu because we have really fond memories of this competition. Sheriff did well in their play-off against Dinamo and in their first match. They’re not a very well-known side, but they’re very well organized and we’re going to have to be fully focused because we need the three points to put us in a good position in the group.

“Our motivation levels are always the same. This club has a special connection with this competition. For those of us who represent this club it’s special and that’ll be the case again this year. It’s a really tough competition, but this club is more used to winning it than others and that gives us a slight advantage. It’s difficult to say because the players don’t change much. I’ve got players who have changed a little. I don’t like to compare this team with Zizou’s side, but Zizou did things to the best of his ability. He won the Champions League three times in a row and I’d like to win another one.”