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Ramos reveals the truth behind his Real Madrid contract extension

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During his farewell press conference, Sergio Ramos revealed the truth behind his Real Madrid contract extension.

Sergio Ramos revealed the truth behind his Real Madrid contract extension during his farewell press conference. The former Blancos leader will end his glorious 16 years at the club ahead of the summer transfer window.

As we all know, Ramos will try his best to compete on the elite level. But his future destination seems uncertain at this point as he does not know where he will play next season. 

Nevertheless, the Spaniard spoke out regarding his last days at Santiago Bernabeu at the special gathering conducted for him. The 35-year-old said that he wanted to stay at Real Madrid for one more year but the club told him that the time was up for him.

Ramos articulated at the press conference: “The first thing I want to say is that I never wanted to leave. I wanted to stay here. The club offered me the possibility of extending my contract, but because of Covid it was put on the back burner.” 

“The club made me a one-year offer with a salary reduction. I have to say that there was no economic problem. I wanted two years and peace of mind for me and my family.”

“During the last talks, I accepted the one-year offer, but I was informed that it was no longer possible, that it had an expiration date and that I had not heard about it.”

On his agreement details, he said: “The conditions have changed several times, on their part and on ours.”

“It got to a point where we had to make a decision but they never told me that the offer had an expiry date. It’s understandable but it surprised me, that the offer had expired.”