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BREAKING NEWS: Real Madrid legend officially leaves the club

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After months of negotiations, one of Real Madrid’s biggest legends has officially decided to leave the club effective immediately. 

We’ve been talking about this drama for months, Sergio Ramos is officially leaving Real Madrid this summer. It was believed he still had a small chance to sign a new contract with Los Blancos but he did something Florentino Perez doesn’t like. Ramos thought he could get preferential treatment because he scored La Decima’s goal. How wrong he was about this notion. Not even Cristiano Ronaldo was able to persuade Florentino he deserved that special treatment, regardless of his accomplishments with the club.

At the start of 2021, journalist Josep Pedrerol revealed both of them met at a hotel in Madrid to discuss Ramos’ future. He wanted to continue at the club but he refused to accept a single year’s contract extension. Ramos felt entitled to at least two more years and Perez didn’t. When they met at this impasse, the club president was as stoic as he’s ever been. Sergio attempted to bluff he would leave and told Perez to start planning the next season without him. What a grave mistake he made…

Ramos will address the press tomorrow. 

After Perez realized Sergio Ramos was trying to negotiate in an aggressive manner, he was even more convinced his captain was going to leave the club. Finally, Real Madrid announced his departure from the club earlier on Wednesday. It’s official, Sergio leaves the club after 16 years of service and a plethora of every trophy you can imagine. But more importantly, Ramos leaves at a high peak of his performance level.

All the major clubs in the world are surely scrambling to see if they have a chance to make an offer to the legendary defender. This is how Real Madrid made the announcement through their official website: “Real Madrid C. F. announces that tomorrow, Thursday 17 June, at 12:30 p.m., an institutional act of tribute and farewell to our captain Sergio Ramos will be held, which will be attended by our president Florentino Pérez. Sergio Ramos will then appear before the media in a virtual press conference.”