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Raheem Sterling’s tough road with England at the Euros

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It’s about time we analyzed everything Raheem Sterling has done for the England National Team throughout the Euros this summer. 

When Raheem Sterling ended the previous season at Manchester City, he didn’t have high hopes to start for England at the Euros. This has arguably been one of the weakest years in the forward’s career. Despite getting all the way to a Champions League final with his club, there were other players who deserved more credit than he did. But Gareth Southgate blindly trusted Sterling and the star responded with important goals. Thus far, Raheem is one of the most prolific players at the Euros next to compatriot Harry Kane.

They both are considered amongst the top players in the competition and they are England’s biggest hope. If football is indeed coming home this summer, they should be the ones responsible for doing so. But Sterling hasn’t gone through an easy summer with his national team. There were always other players that the press and the fans wanted to consider before him. A story that never ends for Sterling of a player who always gets underestimated. He is the one who always has to fight against the harshest critics and all the odds. In the end, he always finds a way to come out on top. 

Southgate’s trust and Kane’s partnership. 

None of what Raheem Sterling is going through right now would be possible without Gareth Southgate’s complete trust. Having other incredible players such as Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, Jack Grealish, Mason Mount, or Phil Foden to play his position must be overwhelming. But the manager always gave Sterling his place amongst the leaders within the squad. At the start of the tournament, he scored his side’s first goal and he’s only improved ever since.

Today, nobody dares to question his role inside the starting eleven. Thanks to Southgate’s trust but also thanks to his unmatched partnership with Harry Kane. The Tottenham Hotspur star also took a while to get in the score sheets. However, he always searched for Sterling on the pitch in order to create the chances. Even though it’s been a tough road for Raheem this summer, he is still doing a brilliant job for his country. But can he help them bring football back home? That’s the big question.