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PSG are starting to get nervous over Neymar’s renewal

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According to reports coming from Catalunya, PSG is starting to get nervous over Neymar’s contract renewal. He could play them. 

PSG and Neymar have been part of a complicated relationship that extends to this day, even after the player’s recent success. If you take a look at the whole situation from outside of the bubble, Neymar hasn’t spent a great time in French football. From the moment he started playing there, other footballers were quick to go after his ankles. Amongst the general football community, this is a player people generally don’t like.

So, hearing him say that he feels happier than before is kind of hard to believe at this point. The Brazilian star just spoke to the press about his future at PSG to reveal he is not sad as he used to be in the past. However, he never specifically said he wanted to stay or sign a new contract. The truth of the matter is that as long as Neymar doesn’t say he wants to sign a new contract, the club has no reason to think he is going to stay. This opens an interpretation of his words from all over the place, especially from Spain. 

FC Barcelona still wants Neymar. 

According to a report from Sport, Neymar actually has two open fronts in regards to his future. He wants to keep his options open in case the other side doesn’t agree with him anymore, and FC Barcelona is part of it. The star is reportedly in open talks for a possible return to the Catalan club because he wants to play with Messi again. But he also knows this return might not happen, which is why he is trying to keep his current club happy.

Just in case you forgot, Neymar stated he wants to play with Messi again next season. Back when he said this first during the start of the season, we thought he meant Leo was close to signing a new contract for PSG. However, recent events have proven the Argentine might remain at FC Barcelona. Neymar still wants to play with his friend but it might not happen at all. Either way, he will keep all his options open until the last minute.