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Premier League vs Serie A: Conte offers expert opinion on main difference

Antonio Conte, Premier League, Serie A
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A manager who has worked in both the top European leagues weighs in on the primary distinction between the two.

Serie A teams stress on tactics whereas the Premier League teams focus on intensity, insists Antonio Conte while illustrating the main difference between the two leagues.

Premier League is widely considered as the premier league in all of Europe. Serie A, on the other hand, is considered the second-best by some, or even third-best behind La Liga by a number of followers of the beautiful game.

Conte is no stranger to the English top-flight. He is currently coaching Tottenham and has enjoyed a succesful spell at Chelsea in the past. In his homeland, the 52-year-old has managed a number of Italian top-flight sides including Atalanta, Juventus, and Inter Milan.

“There’s a lot of tactic in Italy. Every coach is highly prepared, that’s why the intensity tends to decrease a little,” Conte said, as Football Italia reports.

“In Premier League, there is intensity, but the tactical attention is not as high. Here in England, it’s easier to see one vs. one situations and moments of transition after 60 minutes, anything can happen when the teams are stretched.

“There are many duels, it’s all so nice, but sometimes you don’t feel the same pressure [as in Italy], so sometimes you risk losing the focus.”