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Phil Foden reacts to having Jack Grealish as a teammate

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After sharing the spotlight with England during the Euros, Phil Foden reacted to having Jack Grealish as a Man City teammate. 

Phil Foden shared the spotlight with Jack Grealish during the Euros but he also probably expected to have him as a teammate at his club this season. Manchester City had been trying to sign the former Aston Villa star for weeks and they finally did it. An investment that goes up to €118 million is massive but all the City players are thrilled to have such a baller amongst them. Foden is also a baller himself and he knows how to recognize game.

From their time with the Three Lions, the youngster is well aware of the impact that Grealish can have in the squad this season. Plus, he is eager to learn everything he can from Jack as they keep training together every day at Man City’s grounds. Unfortunately for him, Foden is set to miss another four weeks of activity due to injury. He won’t have the chance to train alongside Grealish right now but he is still excited to watch him play next weekend. 

Foden explains what makes Grealish so special. 

One of Jack’s biggest attributes is his fearlessness with the ball. We are talking about a baller who always wants to stay in the action during the most complicated matches. Pep Guardiola has been looking for a player with this specific characteristic and Foden loves that about him as well. As he told Sky Sports: “Just his fearlessness on the ball. He can change a game on his own. So I believe he’s a really special player for us this year and he’s going to be key for us.”

“Yeah, we are close,” he added. “When I first went to England we just got on really well on and off the pitch. I’m really happy that he’s signed here and hopefully, I can just get back playing with and enjoying my football. The manager likes to rotate. There’s a lot of games to be played, so I’m sure there won’t be on XI for the full year. Everyone is going to play a part. Everyone is happy about that, they’re ready to play and the manager makes us feel loved.”