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Jack Grealish has a specific opinion about his price tag

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On the day he shared the spotlight with the fans, Jack Grealish opened up about the elevated price tag Manchester City had to pay for him. 

Jack Grealish and his price tag are one of the most talked-about topics in English football to this day. We are talking about the most expensive British footballer in history but this doesn’t intimidate Grealish at all. In fact, the former Aston Villa star just opened up about the meaning of this for him. When he started shining with the ‘Villains’ in the Championship, nobody imagined how far Jack Grealish would come ever since.

As a natural playmaker, his position has faded in recent times to give more importance to wingers or forwards. But Jack was determined to bring it back to the spotlight. Although he’s only played one official match for Manchester City, he already showed a glimpse of what he can do. But the elevated price they paid for him remains a source of enormous pressure. However, Jack is choosing to embrace this as his biggest motivation to keep growing as one of the most surprising talents in recent memory. 

Jack doesn’t shy away from the challenge. 

Many players have done terrible when English clubs pay obscene amongst of money for them. It happened in the past with ballers such as Fernando Torres, Angel Di Maria, or Radamel Falcao. But Jack Grealish is confident this will serve him as the perfect push he needs in order to become the world-beater we all hope for. The entire world is eager to watch a baller of his stature deliver on the promise of a player who knows how to play the beautiful game.

As per ESPN, this is what Grealish said about his price tag: “No, it doesn’t put pressure on me whatsoever. I take that as a compliment, I actually like it, I think it is a good tag to have. “When you see a club paying that much for a player it means they value you highly. I hope I can repay this club by winning as many titles as possible.”