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Manchester City star compares his situation with Leo Messi

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After his historic press conference, Leo Messi’s situation was compared by one of Manchester City’s biggest stars earlier today. 

One of Manchester City’s biggest stars is currently comparing his situation with Leo Messi and the way he left FC Barcelona. Jack Grealish was supposed to start the new season with Aston Villa, he even started training alongside his teammates after his holidays. But we all knew he was bound to leave his current club sooner rather than later. Although supporters didn’t like his decision, Jack received an offer he couldn’t refuse. We are not talking about money.

Being coached by Pep Guardiola is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that few players get a chance to enjoy. Grealish loves his childhood club and regardless of what people think, leaving truly broke his heart. This got to the point where the new transfer compared his situation with Leo Messi’s suffering from his last press conference. Leaving the club that gave you everything in your professional career is one of the hardest decisions any footballer has to make. 

Jack reveals his close relationship with Aston Villa. 

Ahead of a fresh season in English football, Jack Grealish is getting ready to play his first official match as a Manchester City player. He was questioned about the difficulties of leaving Aston Villa to play for his new club. This is what Sky Sports reported from the press conference he offered earlier today: “It was so tough. I think everyone knows that.

“I reported back for the pre-season as I was meant to. That’s when the manager wanted me back so I obviously went back for a few days. It was obviously difficult because in the back of my head, I knew that I might be going. Everyone’s seen the way Messi was at his final press conference and that is the exact way I felt myself. Before I left, at the hotel, I spoke to the team, the staff, and the players and I teared up a little bit myself.”