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Pep Guardiola reacts to Marcelo Bielsa’s compliment

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Ahead of their Premier League confrontation, Pep Guardiola reacted to the most recent praise he got from Marcelo Bielsa on Friday. 

Pep Guardiola is a die-hard Marcelo Bielsa fanboy, you can tell by the way he reacted to the Argentine manager’s praise. As soon as he was asked about what ‘El Loco’ recently said, Pep immediately responded to the adulation. The type of football match we are about to witness is arguably one of the most expected games of the entire season. Even though Manchester City is clearly superior to Leeds, Bielsa will always go after an attacking style to beat any opponent.

That’s exactly what Guardiola loves about one of his idols: he will never give up his ideals for a result. There’s a good chance the Citizens will win tomorrow’s match with relative ease, but there is always the possibility that Leeds might surprise them. Some even wonder if this much praising could be a tactic from Bielsa to soften up Guardiola a bit before the game. 

Pep’s reaction to Bielsa’s praise. 

In all seriousness, this is what Guardiola said via the Daily Mail: “I’m overwhelmed, it feels weird. He’s a huge competitor. He’s the most honest person. He doesn’t say anything for the media – it’s for himself so I’m overwhelmed, everyone knows the respect and admiration. Always he’ll be in my heart and I think ‘wow – I don’t deserve it’. If there’s one person you can search to find the secrets it’s him. I’m not going to try to be weak after these words because they (Leeds) can do whatever they want.

“People say he doesn’t win any titles. Of course. Give him a big club like Manchester City and see how many trophies he wins. Bielsa’s teams are always better then they were before he arrived. He looks quick. You don’t need a long time to realize it. He creates author squads and I believe that is a blessing for football. I know how tough it will be at 12.30 but hopefully we’ll be prepared. We are three games from being champions and this is the chance for another step.”