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Marcelo Bielsa offers the highest praise to Guardiola

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During a recent interview with DAZN, Marcelo Bielsa gave Pep Guardiola the highest possible praise and went into full detail. 

Pep Guardiola is a confessed Marcelo Bielsa fan but it goes both ways with the Argentine manager. ‘Loco’ knows that he might never be able to reach the level of the Manchester City manage, even with all the studying he does. They call him ‘Loco’ (Crazy Man) Bielsa for his obsession with preparing his squads. He goes into every little detail during practice and studies his rivals with no rest in between.

This is very similar to how Pep Guardiola prepares his own squads but Bielsa recognizes he is inferior. But rather than feeling down for not going up to that level, Bielsa prefers to admire what Guardiola is doing. Also, he revealed how he got that famous nickname from his initial years as a professional manager. 

Bielsa recognizes Pep’s greatness. 

“[Guardiola] is magical man,” Bielsa said in an interview for DAZN picked up by Marca. “The things he knows how to do are extremely difficult for me to try and I have already given up, but I have genuine admiration for what he does. Interpreting the novel decisions that he incorporates into a game is already a way of falling in love with football. Manchester City are always indecipherable.

“When I started working at Newell’s Old Boys’ academy, Carlos Picerni coached three youth sides and I had only one,” recalled Bielsa. “And my training [session] lasted longer than all his three. Then, he told me that I was crazy and that’s how I earned my nickname. The highest praise [for a coach] is to bring, through a group of players, the game closer to what football, as a sport, can generate. All sports have a potential beauty that is very difficult to achieve and is much more difficult to achieve in a high proportion.”