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Pep Guardiola reacts to Manchester City’s new title

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After winning his third Premier League title with Manchester City, Pep Guardiola reacted to his achievement as a professional manager. 

Pep Guardiola did it again, he won his third Premier League title with Manchester City since he arrived from Bayern Munich. After Manchester United’s defeat against Leicester City, poetic justice wanted the Foxes to be the catalyst that changed things for the Citizens during the same season. Pep knows how complicated the entire season was for him and his players.

Despite dominating for the majority of the campaign, there was a moment they nearly bottled it early. City wasn’t getting the results they wanted and they were even getting beaten by a large number of goals. In terms of his personal achievements, Guardiola already got the 31st title of his professional career. He already got the same number of trophies that Jose Mourinho got in a shorter period of time. But more importantly, Pep knows his players are essential for his achievements and he would be nowhere without them. 

Pep hails an incredibly difficult season. 

Guardiola said the following statement on Man City’s website: “This has been a season and a Premier League title like no other. This was the hardest one. We will always remember this season for the way that we won. I am so proud to be the manager of this group of players. They are so special. To come through this season, with all the restrictions and difficulties we’ve faced and show the consistency we have is remarkable. It is relentless. Every single day, they are there, fighting for success, trying always to be better. They have been so, so resilient.

“At the start of every season, the Premier League is the most important title for us. This is the one where you have to be there every three days, playing all your rivals home and away. Only by being the very best, week in week out, can you win this competition. It is a huge success. It is so important to say a huge thank you to all our fans. In our toughest moments, we couldn’t hear the crowd get behind us as usual, but we know they are with us everywhere we go and that has lifted us. I promise them we sense their love, we appreciate it and we could not have done what we have done without it. I hope we can all celebrate together one day not too far away. It has been such a hard year for so many people. This one is really for our fans.”