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Official: Manchester City are Premier League champions

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After Manchester United’s defeat, Manchester City are the 2020-21 Premier League champions with Pep Guardiola as their manager. 

Although they were waiting for one of two results during the middle of the week, Manchester City became the 2020-21 Premier League champions. It happened this Tuesday after Manchester United lost at Old Trafford against Leicester City. Throughout the season, the Citizens needed to wake up in terms of what they needed to improve. Clearly, the global pandemic affected their defensive capabilities with pretty much all centre-backs falling injured.

The squad didn’t start the season well but Pep Guardiola found the ideal way to fix these problems. Something happened during the first half of the season that made everything work in their favor. Manchester City was never the same after a specific day in which clarity became the norm for the Catalan manager and his staff. A solution finally arrived in the form of a single player who changed everything for them. 

Ruben Dias is the key to everything. 

It happened right after Pep Guardiola saw his team lose against Leicester City with a 5-2 result during the first half of the season. Pep had pretty much all his strikers injured during that time and he needed to act quickly. Right after the match, he called for a meeting where he requested an urgent transfer from Benfica. A young defender by the name of Ruben Dias who wasn’t that familiar to mainstream football. His arrival proved that Guardiola understood what he needed to do with few strikers.

If firepower was lacking, the squad needed to find defensive balance through their returning players. Dias was the missing piece of a squad that simply started getting all the results they wanted. Today, they got crowned as Premier League champions for the fifth time in their history and three times under Pep. All thanks to Ruben’s arrival, who at least deserves a Player of the Year nomination. Now, on to trying to win the UEFA Champions League against Chelsea.