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Pele’s swift response to the Ronaldo goal controversy

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After creating a lot of controversy due to his Instagram profile, Pele decided to come out to respond after Cristiano Ronaldo’s all-time record. 

We have to say that we fell for the trick from other media on the Ronaldo and Pele goal controversy. Initially, we believed the Brazilian legend changed his profile to remind everyone he scored 1,282 goals. This allegedly happened after Cristiano Ronaldo surpassed the 757 goals he scored as recognized by FIFA and IFFHS. We also fell for the many times Pele kept saying he scored way more goals than he actually did, officially.

But the legendary former player felt the need to come out and clear the air. There is no reason for him to take the spotlight from what Cristiano Ronaldo just achieved. As such, he decided to write an emotional message directed at the Portuguese star for what he did last weekend. This comes just hours before Cristiano faces AC Milan in Serie A. 

Pele’s response to the press and Ronaldo. 

Even though we know he still believes all 1,282 goals he scored should count, Pele still wrote a graceful message to Ronaldo. His intention was to take off the attention from him and give it to the man of the hour. We hadn’t seen a player score more than 700 official goals since Romario. Before that, we hadn’t seen this feat since Gerd Muller. There’s no way we wouldn’t at least acknowledge what both Ronaldo and Messi have been doing for the last decade and applaud it.

Pele just did through this Twitter message: “I was accused by the press of having changed my Instagram bio to overshadow these big stars that are breaking my records. The bio text has always been the same since I joined the platform. None of this should distract us from your incredible achievements.”