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Pele’s cheeky reaction after Ronaldo smashed his record

Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele
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Unlike his classy reaction with Messi, Pele doesn’t seem to have liked Cristiano Ronaldo surpassing him as football’s top scorer. 

Pele didn’t react in the same manner to Ronaldo breaking his record as he did when Messi broke the other one. When Leo scored the most goals for a single club, Pele wrote an emotional message to the Argentine that made headlines around the world. However, he hasn’t said a single word about Cristiano surpassing him as the second all-time top scorer in football history.

In fact, all Pele did was to update his Instagram profile to remind people he scored 1,282 goals throughout his professional career. But FIFA doesn’t recognize all those extra goals because they happened during charity matches. Regardless, Pele still thinks he actually scored that number of goals and he won’t accept Ronaldo’s record. 

Who is right, Pele or FIFA? 

According to the FIFA rules, the goals Pele is claiming don’t count and he only scored 757 throughout their career. In reality, Cristiano Ronaldo is only one goal away from matching the all-time top scorer in football history: Josef Bican. Pele is just salty that two players broke his two greatest records in the span of a single month. Ronaldo won’t talk about the issue because he needs to focus on the middle of the week.

Juventus is set to face AC Milan in one of the most exciting Serie A matches we’ve had in many years. There is finally a club that can compete against the Bianconeri and Cristiano wants to play an important role in defeating the Rossoneri on Wednesday. But more importantly, the Portuguese forward will try to become football’s all-time top scorer. Can he pull it off?