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Owen shares an unbelievable theory about Mane and Salah

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After the match against Chelsea, Michael Owen shared a wild theory about Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah that might be interesting. 

During the Chelsea vs Liverpool match, there was a moment Sadio Mane could’ve gone to the floor to get a penalty but he preferred to keep going. That specific moment awakened something in Michael Owen that reminded us he still has the spirit of a striker. In his mind, Mane decided to not go down for the penalty because Mo Salah would get the chance to score from the spot. Instead, he opted to keep going and try to score himself.

This leaves the collective completely out of the picture in a difficult moment for Liverpool. But Michael Owen understands Mane’s way of thinking because he was also a striker. But we all wonder if Owen wasn’t too far out in his train of thought. Could it be that Mane simply didn’t think the chance was clear-enough to get a penalty on Liverpool’s favor? In the end, this decision might’ve cost a point for the Reds. 

Owen’s far-out theory. 

As per Sporf, this is what Owen said: “There was an occasion in the first half where every single Liverpool fan in the world probably thought ‘penalty!’ – I couldn’t believe he (Mane) didn’t go down. I’m not advocating he does, [but] normally you see attacking players [go down]. I just wonder whether he is thinking ‘hang on a minute, I’m going to [try and] score, because if I don’t stand on my feet Mo Salah is going to get another penalty’. We all know how competitive attacking players are. We all know how selfish, in a way, strikers are.

These players have been going for the Golden Boot the last couple of seasons. I just wonder, I might be far off the mark, whether if he was dancing around a player thinking he could get a shot off, if he is thinking ‘this is my opportunity to score’. The competitive nature between him and Mo Salah. It might be a wild theory, but we’ve seen them not passing to each other when one is in a perfectly better position.”