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Oscar Ruggeri’s outrageous claim about Ramos and Messi

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It happened during an interview with ESPN Argentina, Oscar Ruggeri made an outrageous claim about Sergio Ramos and Messi. 

Oscar Ruggeri has a hot take on Sergio Ramos and Messi that many might agree with or not. This goes directly in line with the theory that Messi would have many World Cup titles and European Championships had he decided to play for Spain. When he was little, he actually had the chance to pick that national team due to his Spanish nationality. After several years in Catalonia, Leo decided to become a citizen in order to get a better chance at playing in Barcelona’s first squad.

But Oscar Ruggeri is imagining this scenario with another player on the opposite way. He believes Sergio Ramos is insanely good as a defender and Argentine would’ve benefited from him. If he was born in Argentina, the South American squad would’ve probably won the 2014 World Cup and those two Copa America finals they lost in 215 and 2016. 

Ruggeri makes his case about Sergio Ramos. 

This is obviously purely hypothetical because it never happened and it could never happen. But the thought of Sergio Ramos playing alongside Leo Messi is as thought-provoking as Leo playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. This is what Ruggeri had to say: “Argentina and Messi, with Ramos means a World Cup,” Ruggeri told ESPN. “He [Ramos] is a monster.

“If Argentina had Ramos in defense, they would be world champions. With Messi and how he was, without a doubt. He is a phenomenon. I would like to have a player like Ramos in my national team. If we had a player like Ramos today, we would be contenders for every World Cup. We had good central defenders but not the best of all time. Ramos is the best. It would have been nice if he were Argentine. He is better than me, the number one. He is above everyone.”