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Opinion: The reason Messi doesn’t deserve The Best Award

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We are here to tell you the biggest reason Lionel Messi doesn’t deserve The Best Award this year and who should take his place. 

We were quite flabbergasted when we saw Lionel Messi as part of FIFA’s The Best Award podium earlier today. There is no other way to put this. Leo didn’t do anything throughout 2020 to deserve a spot on this shortlist of players who can win the prize.

We totally get Cristiano Ronaldo getting nominated because of his stats throughout the whole natural year. But Messi played at the worst of his game in history last season and he starred in the corniest soap opera we can remember. Nobody will ever forget that infamous summer in which Leo sent the fax to request for his exit from FC Barcelona.

He wanted to leave the Catalan club for free after so many years of the Blaugranas paying him inhumane amounts of money. Leaving just like that without getting a single euro on the club’s account strikes us as ungrateful from him. For this reason alone, Messi shouldn’t even be on the podium to win this award.

Which players deserve Messi’s place? 

Where do we even start on this? There are so many great players who deserve Leo Messi’s spot at the podium. We have the obvious choice in Manuel Neuer. There’s also an angry Neymar who also doesn’t get why Leo is part of this podium.

After that, plenty of Bayern Munich field players deserved a chance to shine. Then there’s also Kylian Mbappe and his breathtaking stats he keeps putting every year. Any of these players deserved that spot instead of Leo. Don’t get us wrong, Messi is still one of the best players in football history.

But his recent decisions and form are far from the player he once was. It’s pretty simple, he has to improve quite a bit in order to be considered amongst the best in the world again. I know a lot of you won’t agree with this take, but you’ll be surprised at how many think the same way I do.