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Opinion: Pep will never silence his critics despite his success

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Even though he just reached his third UEFA Champions League final, Pep Guardiola will never silence all those critics who hate him. 

Pep Guardiola’s critics will never surrender despite his constant success at the highest possible level. Ever since he started his career as a professional manager, the Catalan coach has won a total of 9 leagues, 7 domestic cups, 3 European Supercups, 3 Club World Cups, 4 domestic Supercups, and 2 UEFA Champions League titles thus far. With that resume, you would think Guardiola has more admirers than he has haters.

However, he formed a solid base of people who can’t stand him due to the style of play his teams perform. For some reason, those haters thought Guardiola preached his style as the only one worthy of appreciation. But he never intended to say this was the case. Quite the opposite actually, Pep always loved competing against different football philosophies throughout his career. That is what made this sport even more interesting for him. 

Pep can finally rest easy after tonight. 

In that desire to never give up on his ideals, Guardiola always found an opposition that came after his failures. At Bayern Munich, he was never capable of taking the squad to another Champions League final. He arrived in Germany prepared to try his best but right after the squad won their first treble in history. No pressure, through Pep. All that hype was never met in the Bundesliga but he still dominated the game on a domestic level.

At City, he finally found his safe haven to do as he saw fit with the tools he was given. It was only a matter of time before he pushed through that threshold that was keeping him from another Champions League final. This year, the pieces finally fell together. Although he still has to win the final, Guardiola can finally rest easy knowing his time in Barcelona wasn’t mostly luck. However, nothing will ever shut his critics up because they are predisposed to thrash him at every turn. He doesn’t care about that and he never did.