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Olivier Giroud is pressed to leave Chelsea as soon as possible

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As he goes through a difficult season at Chelsea, someone is pressing Olivier Giroud to leave the Blues ahead of the EURO 2021. 

Olivier Giroud is in a difficult position at Chelsea that might not help him make it to the EURO 2021. Ever since Frank Lampard came along, the English manager was very clear with the French forward. New transfers were coming in to take his place and they would all get more priority than him.

This much was clear from the very beginning of the season but Giroud stated he was willing to fight for a spot. As one of the most prolific strikers in France’s history, he felt strong enough to earn himself a spot in Chelsea’s starting eleven. However, he didn’t count on Frank Lampard not giving him a single chance so far in the season.

No activity for a player like Giroud means he might miss his chance to play the EURO 2021. Manager Didier Deschamps has fame for being ruthless when it comes to selecting his best players for the squad. He tends to choose the ones who are going through their best moment, which is not Olivier Giroud’s case. 

Deschamps’ threat to Giroud. 

As a way to motivate him to find a new club, Didier Deschamps wanted to send a message to Olivier Giroud. The France National Team is arguably one of the most competed squads in the world as the gaffer has too many options to choose from. If Giroud doesn’t have a proper starring role in his club, he might get cut from the final list. Deschamps even gave the striker an ultimatum

“Olivier Giroud knows it – the situation he’s in today cannot drag on forever. Before March he will have to find another situation than this one,” said Deschamps via Sky Sports. “I never give advice, I give an opinion. At the end of the day, it’s the player’s decision. He has had situations that have sometimes been complicated to deal with.

“Today, it is not good for him. Will it stay the same or will it improve? It’s up to him. He knows what I think, even if I don’t forget everything he has done and everything he would still be able to do.”