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Official: The Champions League final is ready to rumble

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We finally have the two football clubs that are set to play the UEFA Champions League final on May 29 at Istanbul’s Olympic Stadium. 

We can now officially tell you which two clubs will be part of the 2021 UEFA Champions League final after tonight’s match. Chelsea defeated Real Madrid with relative ease and became the second finalist of this tournament. Istanbul’s Olympic Stadium will be the place where the Blues are set to play against Manchester City on May 29. We can also confirm Pep Guardiola will be nervous from now until that day of the final.

Why? Because Thomas Tuchel is the only football club that prevented the Citizens from winning the desired quadruple. During the FA Cup semifinal, Chelsea managed to reach the final after getting past Manchester City. If there’s one club that can create problems for Guardiola’s squad, that club is the one led by Tuchel. We are getting a game between the two most consistent football clubs during this final part of the season in Europe. 

Who is the favorite to win this final? 

If you don’t stop to analyze the two finalists, Manchester City does look like the obvious favorite to win the game. But we need to go deeper into this analysis and realize that Thomas Tuchel is doing something truly incredible in such a short period of time. Pep Guardiola can’t get over confident against the Blues because he will get schooled if he does. Roman Abramovich signed the German manager because he is a pragmatist who can neutralize teams that dominate like Guardiola’s Citizens.

Contrary to other coaches who love going on the attack, Tuchel understands Pep’s kryptonite is defensive football. We will witness another clash of opposing styles when we all tune into the television for the final. Istanbul will make the whole world stop time for us to enjoy a massive game. The Champions League’s last chapter will take place  by the end of this month.