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Official: Juventus get €50 million Fiorentina star for on a loan

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Juventus finally closed the deal for one of the most coveted Italian players in Serie A, he’s a Fiorentina star who is worth €50 million. 

Juventus finally got one of the stars they wanted, they just closed the deal for a Fiorentina star who is worth €50 million. We are talking about Federico Chiesa, the midfielder who every major club wanted during the transfer window. He made a name for himself in ‘La Viola’ during the last couple of years and also became a regular for the Italian National Team.

The player has been spotted in Florence near a clinic that will help him complete his medical tests for Juventus. Journalist Fabrizio Romano confirmed the player’s deal with the ‘Old Lady’ is pretty much complete and will be announced in short.

The 22-year-old was confirmed by the official Serie A contract sheet during the transfer window deadline as a temporary transfer (a loan). However, Romano confirmed that Juventus has a buy-out option for €50 million after the loan ends next season. 

Chiesa comes to replace Douglas Costa. 

As one of the fastest wingers in Italian football, it was obvious that Chiesa comes to Juventus to replace Douglas Costa in the same position. The Brazilian player was just signed by Bayern Munich on another loan and Federico is the man who will take his spot. Cristiano Ronaldo has a brand new attacking buddy who can help him compete for the Champions League this season.

The Italian winger has been harassed over the last couple of days by the Fiorentina supporters because they hate he is going to one of their most hated rivals. But Chiesa must look for a new destination in order to continue growing as a footballer. The announcement will come soon but we can consider it official due to recent events.