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Odegaard reveals his future plans at Arsenal FC

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During a recent interview, Martin Odegaard revealed his plans as an Arsenal player but spoke about one problem with his current club. 

Even though Martin Odegaard is still playing at Arsenal, he remains a Real Madrid player until the summer of 2023. The Norway international has a major desire to stay with the Gunners but his performances could send him back to the Spanish capital. If Zinedine Zidane stays, the young star will definitely go back to La Liga. As we all know, the French manager likes what he sees when he takes a closer look at Odegaard.

This season alone, he’s made some impressive jumps toward improvement. Real Madrid is a club that needs as many great players as they can get in order to remain competitive. Martin is just another one of those players who can be important for them in the future. The current season at Arsenal wasn’t what he expected as they might not even make European competition. However, Odegaard revealed he feels happy in North London. 

Martin would like to stay at Arsenal. 

When in North London, Martin Odegaard feels there is finally a place for him to keep growing as a footballer. In Madrid, things were very different as he wasn’t able to play on a regular basis. This constantly happens to inexperienced players who try their luck at major football clubs. Real Madrid is the highest level of competition and Odegaard would have to earn his spot amongst the best. Whereas North London is a perfect place for any player to gain that much-needed experience.

Now that Odegaard is getting those minutes he requires in order to thrive, it’s obvious he doesn’t want to leave. But the problem is that staying in the Premier League or going back to Spain is not even his choice at this point: “I am happy here at Arsenal, we will see after the season what will happen,” Odegaard told Sky Germany. “I’m owned by Real Madrid, so we have to speak to them. It’s important to understand what they want.”