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Neymar thinks Mbappe is to blame for his success at PSG

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During a recent interview with France Football, Neymar revealed the reason Mbappe is to blame for his most recent success at PSG. 

Neymar and Mbappe formed an unusual partnership at PSG, they defeated all the odds so far due to their connection. Initially, it was believed that the Brazilian star left Barcelona because he didn’t want to live under anybody’s shadow. But the reality is that he never wanted to leave. He adapted to these changes and the results are quite impressive. Neymar never imagined he would find the next great player at PSG, which is one of the reasons he is currently happy in Paris.

As a local talent, Kylian Mbappe is showing Neymar the good side of the city and the country. With his future still in the air, the Brazilian player wanted to help Mbappe on his decision to remain at the club. He believes PSG are on the right track to becoming one of the best institutions on the planet. If they win the Champions League this season, getting Kylian out of Paris will be nearly impossible for any club. 

Neymar’s message to Mbappe

In a recent interview with France Football, this is what Neymar said about Mbappe: “I owe a great deal of my happiness at PSG to Mbappe. He helped me learn about the French way of life. Kylian explained the French mentality to me. I owe him a great deal of my adaptation. From the beginning, I really resonated with Mbappe’s personality. Kylian is a very happy person and nice to everybody. He’s a great guy.

“That’s the reason we understood each other from day one. Plus, I’ve had the chance to watch him train, of course. I was able to witness his speed, his dribbling repertoire, and his smarts to continue evolving. I’ve always said he was our golden boy. Speed alone is not all he has under his belt. You have to use it and be smart about it. Kylian does that perfectly. He’s not just smart and quick because he has an enormous dribbling repertoire.”