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Neymar reveals he almost QUIT football because of his haters

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Brazilian starlet Neymar opened up on his struggles as a footballer and one of the darkest moments in his career.

Neymar is constantly making headlines around the world, football and non-football related. Whether it’s his impressive skills on the pitch or his many controversies off it, the press just can’t get enough of the PSG star.

Nevertheless, the 28-year-old decided to give a more personal interview to the English magazine Gaffer. On it, Neymar opens up about his rise as a footballer and how he handles the pressure of being one of the best athletes in the world.

“I am a very brave person, my greatest virtue is my courage,” said the Brazilian. “Now, I am alongside the best players in the world. I am very proud to be here and also very proud to be treated as an idol, to be honored by everything I have done on the pitch. I just hope to continue to bring joy to football.

“I am a person that can easily manage pressure; being the number 10 of Brazil’s national team, the number 10 at PSG and just being Neymar. I think I take it well but at the same time I know my commitment and I’m incredibly thankful to be representing teams such as PSG and Brazil. I know that when I play I have to do it differently. I have to give it 100% because that’s what everyone expects.”

“I have a gift for being different.”

Moreover, Neymar spoke about his experience as a famous person. In fact, he explained how that prevents him from having the same freedom as others.

“Freedom… I do not know it like you, maybe, but I have it my way. I cannot do things that everyone can but, now I’m older, I’m trying to get closer to that kind of life. I like to be normal, I like to do the things that my friends do. I like to live a peaceful way. I know that my name creates attention, so I try to use it in a way that represents positivity both on and off the pitch.”

Despite his positive attitude, the Brazilian sensation admits sometimes the critics and haters end up affecting him. In fact, it even got to the point of questioning his own career.

“I will never lose the passion for football, but I have had moments that I did want to stop playing,” he explains. “Once, I reached a point of asking myself why I should keep playing if they do not like it.

“I used to go home hot-headed and then remembered everything I’ve done to get me here. The love I have for football and all those things just calmed me down and brought me back to reality.”