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Neymar breaks his silence after PSG’s elimination

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After getting eliminated with PSG, Neymar finally broke his silence through a social media message to all his followers today. 

Neymar has been one of PSG’s most criticized players after his side’s Champions League elimination. When Kylian Mbappe was on his own during the Brazilian star’s injury, the French forward always responded. He scored a hat-trick at Camp Nou and he was also vital against Bayern Munich. When Neymar was needed with no Kylian Mbappe available to play, he completely froze against Manchester City.

In France, the criticism against him reached the highest levels ever recorded. Almost all local publications in Paris are raging against the Brazil international for not living up to the expectations. When he first arrived, he was supposed to become the best player in the world while donning the PSG shirt. But Mbappe took his place just as Messi did at FC Barcelona. After a couple of days with no signs from him, the star finally appeared on his social media accounts. 

Neymar’s message to all his followers. 

With his future very much in the air, Neymar decided to write a message to all his followers to talk about the result against City. In the following days, we will see where he will play next or if he decides to remain at PSG. For now, all we can get is his message to the supporters he wrote on his official Instagram account: “This is a feeling hard to describe.

“I’m still very sad about the defeat but immensely proud for the team’s commitment. We all gave our best on the pitch. Unfortunately, our best wasn’t enough but the learning experience to help us evolve will remain. Keep our head down? Only to pray and be grateful no matter the circumstances.”