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Neymar and Jesus send a message to racially abused 11-year-old player

Team Brazil Training Camp - Granja Comary
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Brazilian stars Neymar and Gabriel Jesus showed their support to Luiz Eduardo, who denounced his opponent team’s manager for racist remarks.

After Richarlison’s message of support, young athlete Luiz Eduardo received two heartwarming messages from some of his favorite players. The 11-year-old’s case became viral this week after his club posted a video where the youngster shared his racial abuse story.

Luiz Eduardo, whose idol is none other than PSG’s star Neymar, left the football pitch in tears after being referred to by an adult as “the black one”.

Neymar, who recently witnessed another unfortunate case of racial abuse in football, decided to publicly display his support. In fact, the Brazilian forward urged Luiz Eduardo to remain strong as racism becomes more and more recurrent in the sport.

“Unfortunately we’re having to go through this type of thing that doesn’t fit in today’s society. I want to wish you strength, a lot of love and light for you. I hope you don’t give up on doing what you love which is playing football. Take that and turn it into power, dedication, and love for what you do. Love all without race, without color. I’m rooting for you.”

Gabriel Jesus also shared his message of support.

The Manchester City forward told the Uberlandia Academy youngster not to worry about what anyone says and move on forward.

“I ask you to be strong at this time. I saw your video and was very sad about what happened. Please don’t pay attention to what other says, move forward. Keep being strong and happy no matter how hard it may be.”

Moreover, a wave of support came Luiz’s way, as Brazilian clubs Santos, Fluminense, and Vasco invited the player for try-outs at their youth academies.