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VIDEO: PSG vs Istanbul suspended after a reported racial slur

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The Champions League match between Paris Saint- Germain and Istanbul Basaksehir is currently suspended after the fourth referee was accused of using a racial slur against one of the Turkish side’s assistant managers.

Pierre Webo was granted a red-card after lashing out at the fourth referee, Sebastian Colţescu. Webo was very distressed as he complained of the referee’s use of a heavy racial slur.

After a few heated minutes on the pitch, both teams decided to retrieve to the locker rooms after refusing to continue playing. Demba Ba, currently playing for the Istambul side, is heard questioning the match’s referee.

“You don’t say this white guy, so why do you say this black guy?” he asked.

Only 13 minutes were played before the incident occurred and all players appeared highly distressed. The Turkish side has issued a statement on the matter.

“In the Paris Saint Germain match, our footballers decided not to go on the field due to the racism of the 4th referee Sebastian Coltescu against our assistant coach Pierre Webo.”

Moreover, multiple player reactions have surfaced. Former Manchester United player Rafael sent a voice note to Esporte Interativo suggesting Webo was sent-off for his race.

“The assistant manager was shouting a lot but he was in the stands, I don’t know why the fourth official sent him off. Well I know why, he must be a racist. Two or three players didn’t want to leave and if they don’t want to, we’re staying here.”

Additionally, the Romanian Anti-Discrimination Council chairman provided his view on the matter: “It’s racism without any possibility of interpretation. He could have identified the player by so many other details and ignore his color.”

UEFA has confirmed the match will be postponed to 17:55 GMT time and will be picked up from the 14th minute. They have provided a statement clarifying the situation: “Following an alleged incident involving the fourth official, the match was temporarily suspended. After consultation with both teams, it was agreed that the match would restart with a different fourth official.”

We will keep you posted on the latest from this Champions League match in Paris.