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Napoli star feared he could’ve died after a horror injury

SSC Napoli v Atalanta BC - Serie A
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Now that he’s recovered from his terrible injury, a Napoli star opened up about fearing for his life during those tough moments of the incident. 

He might be recovered now but this SSC Napoli star truly feared he could die after suffering a horror tackle during an international game. We are talking about Mexican forward, Hirving Lozano. On July 11 this year, ‘Chucky’ was stretched off the pitch with a horror eye injury that nearly took his life. In a recent interview with ESPN, the Mexican star revealed that the doctors actually feared for his life.

Fortunately for him and his family, Lozano is completely back to health and playing fantastic football again. Hirving is getting a call-up to represent Mexico for the upcoming international break in October. That terrible incident against Trinidad & Tobago is in the past and he is grateful he lived to tell the story. We won’t play you the injury because it may be considered sensitive material but you can search for it on Youtube. 

Lozano’s account of what happened that day. 

At first glance, the human eye can’t tell how serious the Trinidad & Tobago goalkeeper struck Lozano right in his face. However, the images of a bloody knocked-out player were extremely concerning. ‘Chucky’ recently spoke to ESPN about the incident and what he lived during those moments of concern for his life. An incident that marked his life forever and won’t allow him to forget what it was like to go through something like that.

“Many doctors told me that I could have lost my life and you feel very scared during those times because I would leave behind two children, a wife alone and it was a tough blow and makes you think of many things. I think when you have children, it’s more about what will happen to them. It was a tough injury but thankfully it didn’t go past that. A bit more to the left or right and I could have become paralyzed or lost an eye. I have the scar. It was complicated. I felt a lot of fear, but my wife was there with me to support me.”