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Mourinho’s reaction after Dele Alli’s goal against Fulham

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After another stellar performance on his revival tour, Dele Alli got a proper reaction from Jose Mourinho after the win against Fulham. 

Jose Mourinho has to take a lot of credit for Dele Alli’s revival in a difficult season for him. When the season started, we all had a feeling that Jose didn’t really like Dele as a player. However, the Portuguese manager always maintained he was one of the most talented English players in the world. The only thing he lacked was the determination Jose always likes from the best players he has.

We can already see Dele turning into that typical footballer who will go to war for Mourinho. Especially with the performances he has delivered on a constant basis over the last couple of weeks. This is the Dele Alli Mourinho was talking about when he first arrived at Tottenham Hotspur. Naturally, he is thrilled to get the best version of a player the world deemed lost due to his off-the-pitch problems.

Mourinho wants even more from Dele Alli. 

As it tends to happen with these players Mourinho champions, he will be even more relentless with Dele Alli. Getting these performances from him won’t be enough for the gaffer as he seeks nothing but perfection from him. He may give him all the praise for the moment he is going through right now but Jose will double down on his pressure. It’s always rewarding for a manager to see his hard work with a specific player paying off: “He deserved starting tonight,” said Mourinho on BT Sport.

“It was not a gift. Was a consequence of his work since he come back to the team. Work and working with the team 100% and becoming fully fit and ready to play. He was giving us important things. He did very well in Europa League. He did very well every minute on pitch coming from pitch, against West Ham, against Burnley, he was deserving. In this moment we need squad. So many matches coming so fast. Of course we need it. We cannot change the structure of team. We can change 2-3 players which today we did with Dele, Ben and Matt.”